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English Proficiency Exam

English Proficiency Exam

The KAIST English Proficiency Exam (TOEFL trial test) is composed of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
The results of the exam will be used for the approval of a course waiver for the mandatory English courses.

Testing skill No. of test items Test organization Full score Test length
Reading 30 3 passages 30 54 min.
Listening 28 2 Conversations / 3 Lectures 30 41 min.
Break 10 min.
Speaking 4 1 Independent / 3 Integrated Tasks 30 17 min.
Writing Writing 1 Independent / 1 Integrated Tasks 30 50 min.
Total 120 2 hrs. 30 min - 3 hrs.
  • The KAIST English Proficiency Exam is given prior to or at the beginning of each semester.
  • The exam is offered only once to freshmen before or at the beginning of their first semester.
  • The exam schedule will be posted on the NOTICE webpage.

Mandatory English Courses for Undergraduate Students

The mandatory English courses for undergraduate students who enter KAIST in or after 2014 are English Presentation & Discussion, Advanced English Listening,
Advanced English Writing and Advanced English Reading (4 credits total). Those students acquiring passing scores on the English proficiency exam will have the letter grade "S", which will appear on their transcripts at the end of their first semester at KAIST.

Scores Exemption
Required Speaking 22 Speaking 7.0 English Presentation & Discussion (1) Students will receive a grade of “S” which means satisfactory and obtain 1 to 4 credits. "S" is not computed in GPA calculation.
Listening 22 Listening 7.0 Advanced English Listening (1)
Writing 22 Writing 6.0 Advanced English Writing (1)
Reading 22 Reading 7.0 Advanced English Reading (1)