EFL Curriculum

English as a Foreign Language Program

Undergraduate Program


The undergraduate EFL curriculum consists of three levels,
basic-intermediate-advanced, and each level is made up of various skill courses.

Required courses

  • 01 Basic English Speaking and Listening 3 Weekly Hours (0 Credit)

    This course is designed to introduce basic communication strategies, vocabulary, and useful expressions on various topics and providing opportunities for meaningful practice through pair and small-group activities. Also, the class is to improve student's speaking and listening level to an intermediate level that meets the prerequisite for HSS010 Intermediate English Speaking and Listening

  • 02 Basic English Reading and Writing 3 Weekly Hours (0 Credit)

    This basic course for undergraduates is designed to introduce students to elements of understanding and creating academic texts. Students will learn to use reading strategies such as skimming, scanning, and inference. They will become familiar with writing paragraphs in a variety of rhetorical forms. The course will also focus on developing student's knowledge of mechanics, grammar, and coherence.

  • 03 Intermediate English Speaking & Listening 3 Weekly Hours (2 Credits)

    This course is designed for students to be able to speak with sufficient fluency in a variety of social and academic situations. It is also designed for students to demonstrate analytical listening skills such as distinguishing fact from opinion and making inferences.

  • 04 Intermediate English Reading & Writing 3 Weekly Hours (2 Credits)

    This intermediate course for undergraduates is designed to help students develop their reading and writing skills. Students will learn to write paragraphs with a variety of rhetorical patterns with clarity, coherence, and substance, and they will be introduced to basic essay writing. The course is also designed to help students develop reading strategies and advance to longer, more complex reading materials.

  • 05 English Presentation & Discussion 2 Weekly Hours (1 Credit)

    This course is designed to help students develop their public speaking skills. Through active participation in small group discussions, students will learn to explain and support their opinions in preparation for formally presenting them in front of an audience. They will then learn to deliver and evaluate short presentations in a number of formats.

  • 06 Advanced English Listening 2 Weekly Hours (1 Credit)

    This course is designed for students to be able to comprehend and analyze extensive discourse; to take notes during academic lectures; and to demonstrate analytical listening skills such as interpreting a speaker's purpose, point of view, tone, or use of figurative language.

  • 07 Advanced English Reading 2 Weekly Hours (1 Credit)

    Advanced English Reading is an advanced academic reading course for undergraduates. This course is designed for students to be able to demonstrate general understanding of complex materials and to explain an opinion in reaction to authentic reading materials. Each reading is accompanied by reading comprehension activities, reading skills development, vocabulary building exercises, and thought-provoking discussion questions to consider the subject matter through critical analysis.

  • 08 Advanced English Writing 2 Weekly Hours (1 Credit)

    Advanced English Writing is an advanced academic writing course for undergraduates. Students taking this course should already be able to compose well written paragraphs. This class will help students improve and add greater complexity to their writing. During this course, students will organize and develop longer compositions in a systematic way using the process writing approach. The appropriate use of systematic citation is also an important part of Advanced English Writing.

Other courses

  • 01 Current Events in English 3 Weekly Hours (3 Credits)

    This course is designed to help students learn where to find sources for current events from around the world as well as discuss the content in a small group format and evaluating the content critically. Students will also be expected to make a short presentation and create a webpage to show information on selected topics.

  • 02 English Science Writing 3 Weekly Hours (3 Credits)

    The purpose of this course is to guide undergraduate students through the process of writing a scientific or engineering paper focusing on the physical sciences, both experimental and theoretical.

  • 03 ICL Special Lecture 2 Weekly Hours (1 Credit)

    An integrated content and language (ICL) course is to help students understand a major/liberal arts course better by focusing on developing English language skills specifically needed for the major/liberal arts course.

  • 04 Creative English Writing 3 Weekly Hours (3 Credits)

    Creative English Writing is a non-academic writing course intended to improve English skills and foster student creativity through the practice of creative expression in the medium of written English. Topics will include fiction, personal essay and memoir, poetry, and playwriting. Study will begin with analysis of exemplary writings to heighten student awareness of features common to successful creative writing. Students will adapt these features to their own work as appropriate, using a process approach encouraging thoughtful peer and self-editing for progressively effective personal expression.